Tamper-Proof Documents
Third-Party Verified
Permanently Confirmed

Digital documents can be easily forged or doctored.
It doesn''t take an expert to fake a date on a document these days.

Documents stored with ConfirmDocsTM have been digitally timestamped, giving you third-party verification of your most valuable, time-sensitive material. Leave no doubt!

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Confirm Docs

  • Protect Your Loved Ones.

    Is your family at risk?

    In an unexpected emergency, how long would it take to locate important, time- sensitive items like wills, insurance policies, house and car titles?

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  • Protect Your Ideas.

    Writers, Authors, Artists...

    Concerned that someone will take your ideas? Protect your work, prove your progress with ConfirmDocsTM

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  • Protect Your Corporate Docs.

    The value of certified document content and other digital assets for your business.

    ConfirmDocsTM provides third-party verified proof of content, date and time.

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