About ConfirmDocsTM

ConfirmDocsTM is a secure place to verify the contents of your legal, financial, professional and creative documents using a trusted third party, patent pending, time stamping application.

Your document is stamped with the year, month, day, hour and minute. This timestamp is tied to the contents of your original document and then saved. Once time stamped, a document cannot be modified. Each time an updated version is uploaded to your ConfirmDocsTM account, the new version of the file will acquire its own time stamp. Multiple versions of a document can be time stamped to maintain a precise history of changes in content. Any edits, updates or changes to the original document will require a new time stamp.

The system clock is synchronized to a national measurement institute whose clock is calibrated to the international time authority. The United States recognizes the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the United States Naval Observatory (USNO).

Documents, spreadsheets, forms and presentations can all be stored within ConfirmDocsTM. Import files straight from your laptop, pc, email or external storage device. Documents can be stored under multiple Document Categories for archival and organizational purposes.

Share your ideas with confidence, presenting them with digital precision, and safe, instantly verified delivery. ConfirmDocsTM state-of-the-art secure digitally-encrypted delivery protects your proprietary files from dispute or theft, giving you peace of mind. Preserve your rights with time-stamped storage and ensure that only those you designate have access to your documents

ConfirmDocsTM is the safe, reliable way to prove the contents of your documents at a specific point in time, verifiable by a third-party. Time stamp any of your files and selectively share them with colleagues, clients and customers. Sharing your secure documents with ConfirmDocsTM is more convenient than faxing, more reliable than emailing and faster than shipping.

  • Industry Applications
    for ConfirmDocsTM

    • Legal
    • Healthcare
    • Banking and Finance
    • Corporate Records
    • Insurance
    • Government Agencies
    • Songwriters
    • Family Archives
    • Authors
    • Graphic Design
    • Anyone who wants time-verified storage and secure sharing of important documents and files.