Features Overview

ConfirmDocsTM offers a comprehensive solution for time stamping and sharing your personal and
professional documents.

ConfirmDocsTM is so easy to use, you might forget that you’re using top-grade encryption and timestamping technology, allowing you to easily safeguard your time-verified documents with secure encrypted storage. Eliminate the questions surrounding the origination date of a new idea, creative work, or valuable documents such as wills and contracts.

Document access is on a “need to know” basis that you control, and it’s ensured with time-verified document delivery at the speed of light.

ConfirmDocsTM is the safe, reliable way to prove the contents of your documents at a specific point in time, verifiable by a third-party. Time stamp any of your files and share them with colleagues, clients and customers. The original file cannot be modified in the ConfirmDocsTM system. Whenever an updated version is uploaded to your ConfirmDocsTM account, the new version of the file will acquire its own time stamp and verification.

ConfirmDocsTM is more convenient than faxing, more reliable than emailing and faster than shipping!

    • Simplicity

      • Automatic encryption and timestamping. No technical knowledge required.
      • Works with any file type.
      • Convenient sharing or unsharing of important documents in just seconds.
      • Easy access anywhere, 24/7

    • Security

      • Document content is time-verified with third-party confirmation, eliminating disputes over origin.
      • State-of-the-art "cloud" technology and encryption for off-site archiving
      • Verifies recipients and documents exact document receipt and view times.

    • Speed

      • Delivers docs quickly & securely
      • Shares data or media files instantly
      • Automatic file versioning maintains integrity of of revisions

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