ConfirmDocsTM Personal

Is your family at risk? In an unexpected emergency, how long would it take to locate important, irreplaceable items like wills, insurance policies, house and car titles, credit card account numbers, and travel documents?

Don’t waste time trying to find valuable documents when you need them. Use modern digital technology to keep them safe, stored permanently, but accessible when & by whom you choose. You’ll have the peace of mind that secure, time-verified storage provides. Planning ahead reduces stress and lowers your personal risk when tragedy strikes.

ConfirmDocs is a great value, only a fraction of the cost of a safe-deposit box, but simpler to access. It not only allows you to safeguard your documents with secure encrypted storage, but you can also securely share them with executors, attorneys, and family members, and only those trusted confidantes will be able to access them.

ConfirmDocs’ unique service can be used in an endless variety of ways – secure, time-verified storage is a versatile tool for proactive management of personal information security.

Homeowners can store asset and valuables lists and digital photos of prized possessions for insurers – with time stamps that state the exact date of upload.

Realtors can keep contract revisions for easy reference, and deliver time-sensitive documents securely for review, with every revision automatically time-stamped.

Contractors can keep secure copies of work orders, permits, and employment contracts for easy sharing and instant access on client sites -- automatic time-stamping keeps a virtual log of changes as well.

Travelers can store medical records, prescriptions, and lists of medications, keep secure copies of traveler’s check and credit card numbers, passports, visas, and they’ll be accessible round the clock from anywhere in the world.