ConfirmDocsTM Professional

Writers, Authors, Artists...
Afraid someone will take your ideas? Protect your work, prove your progress with ConfirmDocsTM.

Working on a “work in progress”? Preserve, time-stamp and prove your ideas with confidence, protecting them with digital precision, and guaranteed, instantly verified delivery. Save money over the “proof by certified letters” practice; no need to drive to the post office for verified delivery. Time stamps prove your copyright and prior ownership as many times as you need them to, without leaving your desk. ConfirmDocsTM is part of a shrewd virtual-office strategy for small business startups and creative professionals.

You determine who will get to see your ideas, and when, with documented access. Only those who need to see your documents will see them, and you'll know exactly when they viewed them. Don’t risk having anyone steal your intellectual property. There’s no doubt of ownership with time-stamped verification of shared documents. State-of-the-art encryption ensures they won't fall into the wrong hands.

Collaborate confidently with ConfirmDocsTM. Stop worrying about losing years of hard work in a system crash, or having trouble proving you were first – peace of mind lets you focus on your work, with security and verification at just pennies a day. Archive software code, patent claims, screenplay revisions, song lyrics, or music files, with automatic versioning, even when you’re on the road.

Start up securely. Archive all your business plans, partnership agreements, stock distributions, and stock option agreements, with time-verified uploads. Share financials and other sensitive documents securely, with encrypted, verified transmissions that can only be seen by those you have designated, anywhere in the world, 24/7. Enable and disable their access rights whenever you choose.

ConfirmDocsTM not only time-verifies any stored documents, it holds more documents than a typical safe-deposit box, and digital storage can’t be damaged by water or fire. State-of-the-art "cloud" backups instantly secure all your tax filing documents, insurance policies, leases, and licenses, with off-site storage that ensures you can access them anytime, anywhere, when you need them.