ConfirmDocsTM Premium

Need certification of documents and other digital assets for your business? ConfirmDocsTM provides third-party verified proof of content, date and time.

Avoid disputes over what it was, what it said, what it contained, or how it looked on any date. Prevent questions of backdating or internal manipulation of computer dates. Share on a “need to know” basis, with accountants, lawyers, clients, subcontractors or any interested party. ConfirmDocs tracks who accessed what, and when.

Concerned about meeting client deadlines? ConfirmDocs verifiably delivers your design or media files immediately worldwide, at a fraction of the cost of delivery services. Today’s competitive marketplace requires digital precision, and verified digital delivery leaves no doubt when your files were received. Simply upload and share files with your clients, and stay focused on your core business. Document updates? No problem! All versions are archived and timestamped separately. Keep previous versions in order to prove progressions.

ConfirmDocs' state-of-the-art secure digital delivery protects your proprietary files and intellectual property from disputes, mishaps, tampering or theft, giving you the peace of mind that media, designs, and copyrighted material won’t fall into the wrong hands.

ConfirmDocs' automatic, verifiable time-stamp also creates a collaboration archive, which you can share with team members at remote locations off-site. Digital archiving allows you to easily revert to earlier music mixes, video edits or designs. Files with time stamps easily distinguish revisions & versions of designs, contracts, or media files, serving as a secure off-site archive of versions and revisions that make it easy to revert when clients’ needs change.

ConfirmDocs' off-site, verified storage is part of risk management best practices. Digital storage can't be damaged by water or fire, and the internet “cloud” enables your data to be easily restored in the event of disaster. Redundant server technology ensures that your files are protected forever. Or, until you choose to delete them.